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Patch Cord A Closer Look : Types, Examples, and Advantages

patch cord in nepal

Patch Cord Patch cord play a crucial role in the world of networking and connectivity. They are versatile, widely used, and come in various types to suit different applications. In this article, we will delve into the fundamentals of patch cords, explore examples, and highlight their advantages. What is a it Used For? A patch […]

Best Router Price in Nepal 2023

MikroTik router price in nepal

Router Price in Nepal for 2023 At Insight Technology, we aim to provide best router price in nepal without compromising on quality. Our router prices for 2023 are categorized under two main brands: Major Router Brands Available in Nepal Detailed Price List of Router Available At Insight Technology Router (SKU) MRP RB931-2nD -Click to buy […]

Cisco in Nepal: Networking Solutions, Authorized Distributors

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Cisco’s Influence in Nepal: Overview and Contacts Cisco, a global technology leader, has made a significant impact on Nepal’s technological landscape. The country boasts a robust presence of Cisco routers and switches, which form the backbone of its networking infrastructure. As the authorized distributor of Cisco products in Nepal, Insight Technology, situated in Jwagal Lalitpur, […]

Mimosa Nepal

Mimosa by airspan, the wireless network product manufacturer company headquarter in United state. Making fiber fast fixed wireless reliability, mimosa has various range of wireless devices. Mimosa and Insight Technology Pvt. Ltd. have a long term business partnership. Insight technology is the sole distributor of mimosa wireless devices in nepal as mimosa nepal. Mimosa nepal […]

Best Server Racks and Cabinets in Nepal

Network Racks Nepal

Server rack are available in Nepal at Insight Technology Pvt. Ltd. As industries standard 42U server rack cabinet are chiefly nineteen inches wide. These Cabinets are mostly used to install servers, UPS, ES, monitors, IP Camera switches, PoE switches and similar equipment. Mostly rack cabinets are 24 inches in width and 36 inch deep. In […]