vCloud sharing Computer


The vCloudPoint device is a compact, cell-phone size network access device that connects the end user’s display, input devices and other USB peripherals to the desktop sessions running on a shared computer and effectively allows multiple users to simultaneously share its untapped resources while still providing users with rich PC experience.

vCloud sharing Computer
vCloud sharing Computer


vMatrix Sever Manager

The vMatrix Server Manager, running on the host computer, enhances
the overall functionality and usability of the sharing system by offering
flexible OS support, secure desktop roaming, centralized management
and broad peripheral support. IT Administrators can configure, monitor
and manage the endpoint devices and users centrally and simply at the
server side through the front-end console.

The functions performed by vMatrix Server Manager include:

1) Giving the administrator complete visibility into the OS, CPU, memory,
storage, networking and other critical elements of the host computer;
2) Creating and managing user accounts & password;
3) Authorizing users to access specific desktop session;
4) Discovering vCloudPoint zero clients and USB peripherals;
5) Monitoring and controlling end user desktops;
6) Configuring user USB, audio, resolution, video, etc;
7) Broadcasting the administrator’s desktop to the end users;
8) Controlling privacy and visibility of disk partitions to users;
9) Providing a communication path for administrators & users through
the integrated messaging application;
10) Keeping down user and administration behavior;

The vCloudPoint Sharing solution comes from a combination of insight, innovation, and deep knowledge of computing technologies that no other solution can match.

Enhancing security
— Eliminating virus infection. With no resident OS or storage capable of running software, the
vCloudPoint zero client provides a completely secure endpoint that is immune to viruses and other
— Security policies and monitoring. vMatrix allows IT staff to apply security policies, monitor, and
remotely disable any end user from logging in or lock-down locally connected USB peripherals,
preventing users from copying confidential data to removable storage.
— No risk of data lost. Since the vCloudPoint zero clients cannot store any data locally, users are free of
worrying about data loss stemming from hardware failure or laptop/PC theft.

Improving efficiency
— Reducing unplanned downtime. With no failure-prone parts and desktop-related problems unplanned
endpoint downtime is greatly reduced. Even when turn faulty, the vCloudPoint zero client can be placed,
helping the user back to work in seconds.
— Rapid roaming from any client. No time is wasted on moving a heavy laptop or rebooting the system.
With a simple log-off and then log-in from any vCloudPoint zero client, the user’s back at his desktop with
all open applications and files still in place.
— Enabling file sharing. With some disks configured visible to all, users can share and store files easily on
these public disks without the need to copy or transfer between desktops.

Protecting Environment
— Freeing desktop footprint. The vCloudPoint zero client is only a cellphone size and can be mounted on
the back of the monitor to save valuable space on the desktop.
— No Noise on working. Without any storage and fan, the vCloudPoint zero client makes no noise when
— Less heat and e-waste. Consuming much less energy meaning the vCloudPoint zero client produces
much less heat and e-waste when compared to standard PCs.


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