Media Converter 10/100


Feature rich 10/100 Rate Converting to Fiber Media Converters transparently connect 10/100 Ethernet to fiber. Our 10/100 converters provide an economical path to extend the distance of an existing network, the life of non-fiber based equipment, or the distance between two devices.

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Media Converter 10/100


Media Converter 10/100 to Fiber Device Features

Auto-Negotiation (802.3u)The media converter supports auto negotiation on the 10/100Base-TX interface.
Link Pass-ThroughUsing Link Pass-Through with Far-End Fault minimizes data loss when a fault occurs. Should a fault occur, the end devices have the indication of a failure available to them making trouble shooting easier.
Far-End Fault (FEF)The action the media converter takes on receiving a Far-End Fault Indication is dependent on the Link Pass-Through switch setting.
Pause (IEEE 802.3xy)The media converter supports pause negotiation on the 10/100Base-TX copper connection.
VLANThe media converter is transparent to VLAN tagged packets.
Remote LoopBackThe media converter is capable of performing a loopback on the fiber port.

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