Ubiquiti LiteBeam M5 23


Ubiquiti LiteBeam M5 (LBE-M5-23)

•Antenna Gain: 23dBi
• Lightweight, Low cost solution
• Full adjustment flexibility
• Quick Assembly and Installation
• Integrated airMax Technology
• InnerFeed antenna technology
• 30 +km Long Range • Powerful AirOS

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Ubiquiti LiteBeam M5 23


High-Gain, Directional Antenna

The LiteBeamM provides 23 dBi of gain for long-distance connectivity and uses a directional antenna pattern for improved noise immunity. Ubiquiti LiteBeam M5 23

Breakthrough Industrial Design

Featuring the freedom of three-axis alignment, the LiteBeamM fully assembles in seconds – no tools needed. Only a single wrench is required for pole-mounting.

Compact in Size, Light in Weight

A lightweight form factor contained within ultra-compact packaging, the LiteBeamM is ideal for shipping and logistics.

The Most Cost-Effective airMAX CPE Yet

Disruptively priced MSRP, the LiteBeamM delivers incredible value as an airMAX CPE solution.


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